SwarmTV 0.9

Project: porting SwarmTv to windows

Anne Jan started work on porting SwarmTv to Windows.
Compilation is done with MinGW and it should work on any modern version of Windows..
The patched sources have been merged in the main trunk: http://svn.etv.cx/wsvn/swarmtv/trunk/


Expirimental installer.

All exe and dlls.


  • Home folder finding (replace ~ with My Documents or something)
  • Get libtvdb (ranzbak) working on Windows (for QtSwarmtv)
  • Change fork() stuff to windows service code
  • Needs better path to replace ~ perhaps install path ?
  • logging is broken!!
  • QtDBus and WinDBus stuff
  • dbus-daemon.exe is not a service :(
  • libESMTP (or equivalent) for mail
  • Images don't show (missing libjpeg.dll or something?)

Useful tools and sources:

To install the service:

sc create SwarmTv binpath= "C:/Program Files/SwarmTv/swarmtvservice.exe"
sc config SwarmTv start= auto
sc start SwarmTv

To start dbus-daemon

dbus-baemon.exe --session

Windows test executables