SwarmTV 0.9

Create a simple filter using the simple wizard


 From version 0.8 RSS-torrent has an simple filter wizard to make creating and modifying simple filters much easier.
This page describes in steps which input is required from the user, and in what format.
Simple filters can be cloned, modified and creating scratch using the this wizard.
When Filters are cloned/modified, the suggested filter from the original simple filter are provided between the [] before the prompt.
When a suggestion is provided but the user likes the field to be empty an single '.' on the line will clean the value.
When no changes are to be made to the suggested value, the user just hits enter.
Sizes can be entered using human readable format i.e. (10kb or 100mb or 2.5Gb).
When invalid input is provided the wizard will ask the same question again until a valid answer is given or the wizard is being terminated by CTRL+C.

Start the wizard

Execute :
# rsstorrent -w

Select a simple filter to clone or start a new simple filter

A list of existing filters is shown, followed by this question:

Please enter simple filter NAME to clone.
[<suggestion>] :

In order to start a new filter, just hit enter.
When a filter needs to be cloned or modified, enter a name of the simple filter.

Cloning or modifieing simple filter

when the following question is displayed.

Please enter simple filter name.
[<suggestion>] :

When the selected filter needs to be modified just hit enter here.
To create a new filter using the selected filter as the bases for the new filter, enter a new name here.

Entering the title regexp

Next the title regexp needs to be entered this will be matched to the title of the torrent.
The title regexp will be ask using this question.

Please enter content title regexp.
[<suggestion>] :

The title regexp could be unchanged by just hitting enter.
Defining a new title regexp can be done using the fill pcre regexp set.
When the regexp needs to be completely clean, just enter a single . on the line and hit enter.

Enter the exclude regexp

When torrents are being downloaded that match the title regexp, but should be ignored, please use this regexp to do so.
Everything matching this regexp will be ignored, the question show to enter the exclude regexp:

Please enter regex to exclude from matches.
[<suggestion>] :

Again, the full pcre regexp set can be used to define the exclude regexp.

Define the category of torrents

When the rss feed defines category tags (not all of them do) you can match on them here.
In most cases this can be left empty.
The category can be entered :

Please enter rss category.
[<suggestion>] :

Again, the full pcre regexp set can be used to define the category filter.

Sources to download from

When you only want to download a certain serie from a select set of sources define this filter.
First you will be presented a list of filters after which the following question is displayed.

Please enter source regexp.
[<suggestion>] :

A regexp can be used to pick the sources we want to use to download. i.e. '(Eztv|KickAssTorrents)'

Enter the no duplicate filter

To make sure no double episodes are downloaded no duplicate or nodup filters are created.
The nodup filter can be selected when the following question is shown:

Please enter Nodup filter name, or empty to use suggestion.
[<suggestion>] :

One of the provided nodup filters need to be selected by entering it's name.

Enter maximal content size

Enter the maximal content-size of the torrent to be downloaded.

Maximal size of torrent content:
[<suggestion>] :

Sizes can be entered using the human readable notation, i.e. (10kb, 100Mb, 1Gb).

Enter minimal content size

Enter the minimal size torrent content needs to be.

Minimal size of torrent content:
[<suggestion>] :

Again sizes can be entered using the human readable notation, i.e. (10kb, 100Mb, 1Gb).

Making sure no older episode are being downloaded

When downloading from streams that hold all episodes and add new ones, it's handy not to download all episodes but only the new additions.
In order to do so, the 'from season' and 'from episode' can be set. This can be done by hand, or using the episodes already in the database.
To choose automatically determining the last episode and season of serie, enter yes to the following question:

Would you like to automatically determine the last season/episode for this filter? (yes/no)
[<suggestion>] :

When you enter 'no', the last episode and season will be asked from the user, like:

Enter season number:
[<suggestion>] :
Enter episode number:
[<suggestion>] :

Checking the filter

The last step of the simple filter is accepting or denying the filter the user just created/modified.
First the new filter will be shown, followed by the question:

Is this filter correct ?
[<suggestion>] :

When you enter 'yes' here the filter will be effectuated, on 'no' the new filter will be discarded.

After effectuating the filter you can always enter the simple wizard again, and modify the filter to fit your needs.