SwarmTV 0.9

Simple filters


Examples for the impatient

Filter to match a specific series, only downloading episodes that are newer than the already downloaded episodes.
Because the sizes are from 700mb to 2.4 Gb HD content is expected to match this filter, normal content typically ranges from 350mb to 850mb.
#swarmtv --add-simple='The walking dead' --nodup='newer' --title='^the.walking.dead' --source='(TV Torrents|Eztv|NZBsRus xvid TV)' --max-size='2.441 GB' --min-size='700.00 MB'

Filter to download all BBC shows, and use the name of the programs that match the --title regexp to avoid double downloads using the unique-title nodup filter.
#swarmtv --add-simple='BBC' --nodup='unique-title' --title='^bbc' --exclude='QI' --source='(Eztv|TV Torrents)' --max-size='1024.00 MB' --min-size='100.00 MB'

An other way of creating a filter is matching keywords of interest in the title of the content.
Also using the "newer-title" filter to avoid downloading double and older content across the different series we are going to download from.
In this case we want all content about Leonardo Da Vinci, From the Eztv and TV torrents sources.
#swarmtv --add-simple='Da vinci' --nodup='newer-title' --title='da.vinci'' --source='(Eztv|TV Torrents)' --max-size='1024.00 MB' --min-size='400.00 MB'

Simple Filter options


Indicates you want to add a 'simple filter', provide the name of the filter to be created as an argument to this option.


Sets the type of nodup filter to be used to avoid
Options are :

  • none - No avoiding doubles at all
  • link - Don't download content with the same link (URL) twice
  • unique - Look at the matching title regexp, season and episode, to avoid duplicates.
  • unique-title - Avoid two equal titles, and compare the season and episode numbers, to avoid duplicates.
  • newer - Look at the matching title regexp, and download newer episodes only.
  • newer-title - Avoid two equal titles, and download newer episodes only.


Provide a regular expression with this option that matches the title of the content you want to download.


When a filter also matches content you do not want, provide a regular expression with this option to prevent the filter from downloading the unwanted content.


With this option you can provide a regular expression matching the names of the sources you want to download from.
This can come in handy when an RSS feed provides junk content for certain filters, or the preferred sources provide the kind of content quality you want.


Download the content is smaller than this limit.


Download the content when the content is bigger than this limit.


When an RSS feed provides a category label, this option can be used to create a filter that matches whole categories of content.


Download no episodes from before this season.


Download no content from before this episode.
Note that this option should be used in conjunction with from-season.


This options looks into the database, and tries to derive the last season and episode from there.